Designer Of Stressless Furniture


I’ve always been fascinated with Scandinavian furniture layouts and rear from the 1930’s there has been still a guy from Norway from the title of Jens Ekornes. He began from modest beginnings but could soon grow his shop that produced steel spring parts into production centers throughout Europe in fifty years’ time. This report examines the achievements of Jens Ekornes along with his location in the furniture layout. Norway is located in what is known as Scandinavia which is composed of Denmark, Finland, Sweden and Norway. This area has a history that goes back to ancient Europe. The region was sought after as a tactical land area in addition to the agricultural and fishing sources it provided. When we think of Norway, many of us could conjure images of gods or explorers.

Norwegians are just like us with traditions and their very own history as well as among these traditions is at the crafting of excellent furniture. Jens Ekornes has been currently regarded as a company legend in Norway and was created in 1908. Industrial practitioners and business people throughout his period needed badly to become correlated with him because in part to his own connections both in retail and manufacturing and also the achievement he had earned his various jobs. He’d go to the USA after the end of WW2 in 1946 to find out more about the production procedure and machines found that allowed for price control and higher quality. He purchased machinery he would bring back to Norway to begin generation of Svane & reg; mattresses and would study the production procedure. His urge to choose a present product and make it even better would turn into a standard for Home Decoration.

He’d continue to move and from approximately 1947 he’d start building furniture parts for different manufacturers. 1966 marked a significant date together with its introduction of lounger furniture; for reg & Ekornes. Ekornes directed an aggressive effort for its goods all over Norway by sending out data known as the”Svane News” to each home in the nation. This mailer in effect would put the buying of many companies to be brought in to build on the production capabilities of reg & Ekornes and helped establish that the new identity reg & Ekornes; into its consumers;. Jens Ekornes was living to observe that the debut of what is the most prosperous furniture product to emerge from his organization and could attain unit sales in the millions around the world.

The Ekornes Stressless chair could be released in 1971 and could develop into the best-selling furniture item in reg the Ekornes &; lineup. This debut marks the start of Ekornes Stressless chairs’ story but regrettably brings us to shut of Jens Ekornes the guy. Jens Ekornes could pass off in 1976. Martin Ekornes, his brother would assume charge of the business as CEO. It’s tough to say when Jens Ekornes has been attentive to the footprint that he left furniture and craftsmanship. Time is frequently what type of effect they have on those around us and the true measure of our accomplishments. The heritage of Jens Ekornes continues today. Achievement and the company model that Jens Ekornes appreciated will be analyzed for a long time to come from discover success through product creation and to build a product.