Exploring Honduras: The City of Comayagua


Situated in a broad valley bearing the identical title, Comayagua is at the core of the American continent, also in the middle of the nation. It was set as a Villa on December 8, 1537, from Captain Alonzo p Cáceres, at the name of Carlos I, King of Spain.

In 1543 King Felipe II arranged that the court of justice referred to as the Audiencia de Los Confines lived from the”Villa de la Concepción p Comayagua,” that gave it the title of Nueva Valladolid de Comayagua. Therefore, it had been the capital of the Province of Honduras throughout the colony.

The Comayagua Regional Museum portrays in its own different chambers the human occupation from the valley, by the cave art in the Cueva Pintada, into the cultural growth in pre-Hispanic occasions, and the colonial historic period, for having become the first capital of Honduras.

The Museum of Religious Art indicates the significance of the church at the abundant selection of colonial religious art that includes sculptures, robes embroidered in golden threads, gold custodian clogs inlaid with emeralds and numerous gems of the saints.


The patron honest of Comayagua is held in honor of this Virgin of the Immaculate Conception. Because of its colonial roots, the customs of the Catholic Church are practiced with fantastic fervor, together with the rugs being among the very traditional art exhibits in Honduras.

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The rugs are created out of multicolored sawdust from the parishioners who’ve mastered the method to pay tribute to the anguish of Jesus through the procession of the Holy Way of the Cross on Good Friday.

To devote the Holy Week in Comayagua would be to get a reunion with religion within a really well-preserved historic center. To get the brand new calendar year, it’s customary to ring the bell twelve occasions.

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