The Gift Cards with the Smartest Usage of the Gifts


This is already a young woman who knows what she wants. If there is no desire for a gift, choose the universal option. The interior wants everyone to get a present from a loving person and shoes – a simpler option, since the size of the foot reveals in an incomprehensible way much easier.

26-35 – age, when girls, as a rule, have already come to life and prefer to choose their bags and other accessories. But they, like everyone else, appreciate the opportunity to get out of the habit. Schedule a weekend at a country hotel or on a Beauty Day in your favorite salon. When you have the Vanilla Visa Gift Card Balance then you can have the best options.

36-50 years

Ladies, for the most part, practical. They can give smartphones and favorite perfumes, technical innovations for the home and outfits – these gifts will certainly please the chosen one.

50 years and over

Congratulations on February 14 are needed not only young people, but also give mature age. Make this special day, make it feel dear. Imagine breakfast, bed breakfast, flowers, foam baths, at the exterior of which you present a comfortable outfit. Tickets at the cinema or at the theater will be a great gift – spending time together, this will help revive the longest relationship.

The best original and creative gifts

If your goal is to surprise, use the original ideas that will not leave any indifferent girl. Give a lively impression: ordering a box filled with exotic butterflies. Opening it, your beloved will be in a tropical paradise for a minute: this gift will be remembered forever.

A great creative option is a portrait of a photograph. Everyone loves to admire themselves. Give her the opportunity to catch the beauty on the canvas.

A spontaneous, self-organized journey will also be a surprise, whose memory will remain forever in its heart.

Huge budget opportunities

The country’s economic crisis does not disappear, and February 14 comes every year. It is not necessary to have an impressive value to please the boyfriend: the meaning of Valentine’s Day is not in the volume of the portfolio, but in love for one another.

A private dance after a romantic dinner will be an original gift and budget: the lady will be happy, even if it is not your strong point. What is important is the fact that you have gone to such a step for its sake.

You can arrange a “SPA for two” right in the apartment: fire the candles, write a rose-petal bath, fill with massage oil. This process provides complete relaxation and great humor.

 The Gift Cards with the Smartest Usage of the Gifts

A gift for the girl with her own hands

It is believed that the best gifts are made by the hands of a loved one. Handmade cards are not thrown away – they have been stored for many years. And all you need to cut a heart out of colored cardboard and decorate it to your liking.

Another option is a video greeting with shared photos. And if you write a poem, song or make nice inscriptions for a picture, the girl is guaranteed to flourish.