Your Understanding for the Visa Gift cards


You go to a bookstore to buy a birthday present to a friend and you do not know what to choose. So you opt for the easy solution. You buy a Visa Gift Card.Although gift certificates have been with us for some time, the gift card is more modern and more appealing to retailers and consumers alike.

That’s what more and more consumers are doing, and retailers seem happy to make it easier for them. Overall, the gift card seems to be a winning card for everyone.

This craze was easily seen in the results of a recent survey of 80 of the country’s largest retailers, representing just over 11,000 food, clothing, home furnishing, appliance and food stores.

Electronic and sporting goods

During the 2003 holiday season, just over half (53%) of these retailers donated Visa Gift Card Balance. Just one year later, during the holiday season of 2004, this proportion rose to two-thirds of retailers (68%).

Even supermarkets offer gift cards

Department stores were among the first to offer gift cards. All department stores were offering them in 2003 and 2004, followed closely by retailers of electronics and appliances, furniture stores and other general merchandise stores. Supermarkets and clothing stores followed them from afar.


Who offered gift cards?

Larger retailers are more likely to offer gift cardsthe concept of gift cards was first introduced.  By retailers who had a large infrastructure supporting the launch these retailers usually have department stores.  As a result, they already account for a larger portion of sales and a larger percentage.  Of sales per store without considering the effect of gift cards on average, the stores that launched.  The gift cards achieved better sales results for example, the stores that launched the cards in.

2004 recorded sales of $ 94 million in 2003 and $ 100 million in 2004 (sales.  By store for all retailers surveyed were $ 83 million in 2004) in comparison, the group of.  Stores that did not offer gift cards in those two years posted only $ 33 million.  In sales in 2004 by contrast, sales of those who offered cards during the two years.  Reached $ 109 million it is likely that gift cards were first offered by large retailers who.

Had the resources to run such programs themselves it is only in the last year or.  So that third parties that manage these business programs have appeared in canada, facilitating the participation.  Of small retailers the large retailers that offered the cards in 2003 and 2004 accounted for 55%.  Of the number of stores in the sample in 2004 and almost 72% of their sales in.  Contrast, the group of stores that did not offer gift cards in those two years accounted.  For only 32% of the stores in the sample in 2004 and less than 13% of.

Your Understanding for the Visa Gift cards

Of course, there is a relationship between the size of a store and the type of store or trade group to which it belongs. Department stores are generally larger while clothing stores are smaller. As we saw earlier, the data shows that department stores all offered early gift cards while clothing stores were slower to offer them.